BurningAngel: Small Hands fucks gamer girl Janice Griffith

BurningAngel has some of the hottest alternative babes, and when it comes to their videos they are taking porn to a whole new level, and this one is not an exception! The beautiful gamer girl with unearthly gorgeous tits, Janice Griffith loves a good game as well as a good fuck, so when Small Hands walks into the room, a new game is about to be played, and it’s a load of fun!
Every picture in this photo set looks like the two gamers are having a lot of fun, and if the pictures are arousing, just wait until you see Small Hands pound that sweet ass, not to mention how freaking amazing Janice Griffith‘s perfect tits look in motion!

Burning Angel writes:

Gamer girl Janice Griffith recently moved into her friend’s house after her roommate sold her video games for drugs – she could finally play some Ass Effect in peace! When Joanna left and her bf Small Hands arrived home and introduced himself, he noticed her L33T skillz playing one of his favorite games, which he isn’t allowed to play anymore because Joanna HATES it when he gets turned on by aliens. However, she actively encourages him to get turned on by other stuff, like Janice and her Earth girl titties! Small Hands has a biotic charge coming her way, and she’s gonna give him her ass effect!

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