EroticFandom: Asphyxia Noir’s sexy steampunk shoot

Hot babe Asphyxia Noir has taken a lovely goth/steampunk photoshoot for EroticFandom. She’s got a sexy corset and some wicked steampunk goggles, and she’s looking fine as hell. Photographers Forrest Black and Amelia G know how to capture her sexy body and her mesmerizing fierce stare that will leave you wanting more. Asphyxia Noir is taking some sexy and interesting poses and she almost looks like a character from a game. When she takes off her bra you’ll notice how perfect her perky tits are and you’ll surely want to spank that naughty ass of hers when you see her crawl and pose. Check out Asphyxia Noir‘s entire gallery, it’s amazing!

Erotic Fandom writes:

I had fun shooting these with sexy Asphyxia Noir. I really like what her trademark spooky eyes look like through the emerald green goggles and the steampunk colors really suit her well. She also told me the punk-rock story behind that huge cut that runs right up her thigh, which came from a poorly fastened pyramid stud while she was on stage. I hope you like these, they make me want to play Asphyxia in some kind of crazy MMORPG. ~Forrest

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