GothicSluts: Dana Dark coffin fodder

As soon as I saw the first pictures of this GothicSluts set, Cradle of Filth’s Coffin Fodder song came in mind, and if anyone can make a coffin goth and sexy, that is for sure the gorgeous Dana Dark. She has a lovely body, and those piercing eyes of hers and that wicked attitude made this photo set a complete success. She is sitting in a coffin with nothing on but panties and stockings, and she throws kinky looks at the camera. Her tits look great and when she turn over to show off her round ass she’s even hotter. One thing is certain: she’d be a very sexy vampire/living dead girl.

Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

There is nobody who can vamp it up quite like my girl Dana Dark. That is Forrest Black’s coffin that he and I shot this series of her in.

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