How does LorettaRose_ enjoy her free time? Naked baking, ofcourse.

LorettaRose_, a legend as far as alternative cam girls go. What makes her one of my absolute fav girls is her sense of humor, personality and seriously whack gangsta flava. She’s as straightforward as they come, always relaxed and up for anything. She’s the kinda girl I see myself hanging out with, the kinda girl that prefers hanging with the lads. I’m going on about her personality, I know, still, this doesn’t mean her physical presence is lacking in any way. HELL NO! Beautiful, feisty and just naturally sexy. Amazing style, tons of ink all over, and bangin’ fire-red Bettie-bangs hair. Punk pinup of your dreams.

As she’s getting ready for a bath show, LorettaRose_ is spending her time very wisely: making cookies! Now, this doesn’t sound very exciting at first glance but believe me – it is. See, LorettaRose_ always cooks naked. Mhm, her exact words. And if she cooks naked, she bakes naked. Lucky for us we get to join her in the kitchen. What a sight: exposed pierced boobs, an apron around her waist and some serious cookie baking. Delish.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

Hi, I’m Loretta. I’m a straight-edge vegan derp queen from the West Coast of Canada. I’ve been camming on MFC since March 2016 and it’s truly my favorite thing in the world. In my spare time I’m usally a lazy piece of shit but I also model for Suicide Girls!

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