RazorCandi: Nothing is Like the Old Black.

Black has its own special charm, a specific elegance that is hardly matched by any other colour. A beautiful woman such as RazorCandi, wrapped in a tight black suit is such an iconic image that one cannot avoid thinking about names like Elvira or Morticia, and her beautifully lean body brings to mind images from Tsutomu Nihei’s comics.

Model and dress complement each other marvelously in this set, with a simple yet powerful atmosphere of urban decadence. It is always a pleasure to lay one’s eyes on RazorCandi, with her great ability of characterizing a set with a clear emotional feel and I truly hope the same kind of emotions will be carried over in her upcoming photographic art book.

Razor Candi writes:

A collaboration between myself and Mikhell Chernobyl. I’m wearing his amazing pleather dress and jacket design. It’s always both an exciting and fun endeavor when the opportunity arises to model for a designer or company. In this set you will see the fashion side of RazorCandi!

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