GothicSluts: Penny Poison gets wet for a smoking hot bath session

I love to write about Penny Poison, she is such a talented beauty, and a true artist. After being amazed by her sword swallowing skills, I must say this is a gorgeous photo set, there’s something so erotic and intimate, very sensual as well about a girl in a bathtub, especially if is a dark beauty like Penny Poison. She’s wearing a purple and black two-piece, which she takes off as soon as she gets in the tub, letting the viewer enjoy her perfect wet body covered in tattoos. There’s a lot of different angles, and a few close ups of her perfect rosy pussy, for us to enjoy. Make sure you check the whole photo set.

Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

When I was very young, I remember sneaking looks through an Art of Pin-up book that was in my Mom’s collection. I don’t recall the exact name, but it had a whole history of amazing pin-up graphics, photos, excepts from interviews, etc. and I was kind of fascinated with a passage about the iconic beauties selling their bath water through the mail. I don’t know how popular this really was back at the time, but the idea just kind of struck me. I think it’s interesting that the cam performers today have their own versions of this, the sort of impersonal personal, intimacy from afar. These fun shots Amelia G and I got to do with Penny Poison really reminded me of those old memories, for obvious reasons. She’s so cool and sexy and fun to work with. I really like these and I hope you do too.

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