Ari Dee as a poison ivy will make us feel plants lovers

If we get too close to Ari Dee, she might give us a killer kiss. This time, our stunner is striking yet deadly. Her lethal attractiveness features a green corset and panties, which give a much more interesting look. We will see her crescent-shaped eyebrows making our lustful thoughts pop like magic. Though this sexy poison ivy girl might be tough and venomous, she uses her superpowers to turn us on. She knows how to be one of the hottest, and of course the way she takes her fingers to her sexy mouth is captivating. I’m sure we all want to taste her sweet lips. Ari Dee perfectly shows off her beautiful shape, and it has curves in every good place. To see what I’m talking about, check her opened legs and follow the leaves on her neck, breasts and her pink pussy. She will have us stuck to that “like” button.

Ari Dee:

I’m Poison Ivy and I’ve taken a break from tending my gardens to play with myself. Watch me tease you as I strip off my panties, masturbate and lick my fingers. Just be careful, I’m poison after all..
Come join me. My garden needs tending.


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