BarelyEvil: Barbie Goes Skinny Dipping In Maine

You know what I love about summer? Swimming. What could be better than swimming? Skinny dipping. And it looks like Barbie from BarleyEvil agrees. This shoot is all about cooling off in the summer, with this lovely lady wearing nothing but a necklace and sunglasses, but chances are it’s going to get the reader pretty hot.

Barbie is apparently the kinda girl that will take a risk I could never bring myself to do- and that is to shed her bathing suit in public, during broad daylight. I gotta admit, I’m pretty jealous of her, and not just because of her beautiful body. The water looks more than welcoming during the summer heat, but it also provides a really cool backdrop for each shot. Each shot is totally different in terms of the way the water ripples, and that is what makes this so cool to me. If you don’t go see for yourself, you’re missing out.

Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

I shot this set of Barbie in Maine. New England summers can get quite warm, and the heat is often amplified by thick, uncomfortable humidity. In an effort to escape the midday sun, Barbie asked if she could take a quick dip in Maine’s historic Penobscot river. This river, stretching 109 miles, was once used to transport logs from the northern part of the state down to Bangor, Maine, which served as the lumber capital of the world from the 1830’s to the 1880’s. Trucks are used to transport logs these days, leaving the Penobscot primarily for fishing or boating. With an abundance of lakes scattering the area, people generally don’t swim in this river, but Barbie’s always been one to go her own way. Despite the possibility of being seen, she daringly ditched her bathing suit in favor of skinny dipping. The cool, flowing water offered a temporary reprieve from the sticky July heat!
–Doug Markwith


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