Spanking Super Happy SugaryBunny

SugaryBunny is looking sweet and playful tonight! I love her cuddly fuzzy kawaii hat with while puffballs bouncing off her yummy titties, oh and the pink hair look is adorable too. SugaryBunny is offering spanks for a very reasonable tip level and by the looks of her blushing pink bottom, her fans are enjoying the heck out of the opportunity. I really love SugaryBunny‘s delicious round bouncy butt too, so the spanks are a double bonus! She’s chatting about epic Cosplay fabrications and playing an exciting spin for prizes game with her admirers as well. I just want to put on a fuzzy kawaii hat of my own and have her sit on my face. Right now that luxury is only going to her giant plush Neighbor Totoro though. SugaryBunny is very excited about getting to do a new photoshoot tomorrow and I sure would love to see the results, but for now, I’m really enjoying her charming company and looking forward to hopefully making her super-happy-anal-cum-time show. Come join us.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

hihi! you can call me Usagi or Bunny! ^_^ i’m a Canadian cam girl and i started on MyFreeCams in September of 2014. i’ve made lots of great friends and i really enjoy my job, you can often find me cosplaying, in some sort of everyday cosplay outfit, or just chilling! i love to dress up though!~

i love sailor moon, evangelion, plenty of other animes, star wars&lord of the rings and anything kawaii/cute. cosplaying is one of my passions, has been since 2009! i cam in my little attic anime loving room! if you ever want to see my anime collection just ask!

i love to make new friends and talk with people! so if you ever stop by, feel free to chat with me i won’t bite! unless you want me too, which indeed i’d love too!

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