Burning Angel: Joanna Angel says olé for anal

Burning Angel’s team is going to Cancun, Mexico. Can you imagine that trip? I think it’s going to be a little crazy, especially with this beginning. Joanna Angel is packing and Small Hands wants to go out now, but Joanna has a hot idea to have leisure time while they’re waiting to go to the airport (over 6 hours). She takes advantage of her man’s nakedness (Small Hands), who is the camera man this time, and we know he has a big dick. In a bird’s eye shot, we can see how she starts sucking that meat stick, she plays with it until it’s really hard and she loves it. She almost eats the whole cock, although it’s huge. But very soon she wants to feel that thing inside her pussy, so she sits down on the cock, and it makes her moan of pleasure. I have to tell that they look very well fucking together, they have beautiful bodies, and with their tattoos they look like rebels. Then Small Hands wants to fuck her ass and she’s glad, they fuck for a while, and finally he cums a lot on her boobs. And to be honest, I’m about to cum too.

Burning Angel writes:

We booked a trip to Mexico and decided to document the whole vacation. Small Hands whipped out the the camera and was trying to rush me out the door – I was almost done packing, waiting for laundry (and hate being bored in the airport) – so I offered up an idea to kill time while we waited. How about a little suck and fuck on my man’s cock? I think a little pre-vacation anal pounding and gaping would start things off right! I wanted to go to the airport still covered in hot sticky jizz. I wonder if that would hold us up in security…

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