EroticFandom: Penny Poison is the sexiest sword swallower

Penny Poison will leave you speechless once again. Besides her usual photo sets which are always dark and filled with awesome props, she is also a sword swallower. Yes, she is touring now, performing wicked hot shows in various locations of the country, and she’s taken time to do this wicked sexy photo set for EroticFandom. She is wearing a revealing two piece outfit and her bewitching dark makeup, and she is performing an insanely hot art show. She licks the sword with her hot split tongue, then the whole blade of the sword slides down her throat. The pictures are amazing, she’s hot, she’s flexible and she’s beautiful. After she strips and takes a few more seductive poses with the sword, she’s also fucking her perfect pussy with it, and all the pictures are extremely arousing and inviting. Make sure you get a membership to enjoy Penny‘s full photo set.

Erotic Fandom writes:

So the amazing Penny Poison swallowed swords in our hotel suite and then fucked them. Because, as I always say, if you introduce a sword in the first act, somebody’s gotta fuck it by the third act. This was seriously awesome. She has been touring a lot lately and I highly recommend catching one of her performances if you possibly can. When I know beforehand, I usually mention when she will be in what city in the Contributor’s Blog. Working with Penny Poison has been a wonderful reminder of why I do what I do.

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