BlueBlood: Nixon and Tankboy, 21st Century Goths

This set from BlueBlood, featuring real-couple Nixon and Tankboy, is quite literally, what alternative-erotica is supposed to be about. It’s a photographic celebration of love and freedom of the spirit. And one of the things that I really liked about it is just how well it captures the genuine love that’s clearly there between this real-life couple.

We live in a world that breeds conformity and assimilates rebellion. Even the “outsider” world of adult entertainment is largely staffed by pornstar-bots; a manufactured range of pre-packaged sex dolls with interchangeable appendages and standard-issue haircuts who play out one of a selection of tried-and-tested ideas because they play well with the focus groups. All the meat has been trimmed, and all that’s left is the carcass; a grotesque display of human sexuality at its most basic. Sensuality, eroticism and, dare I say it, love, have all been removed in favor of a close-up of the old in-out routine.

And that’s great! There are times when you want something like that… even need it. But the internet is saturated with every kind of hardcore act you can possibly imagine, and that’s why it’s so great to see two genuine individuals like Nixon and Tankboy, on sites like BlueBlood, coming together as one and reminding us that sex is so much better when there are feelings involved.

Blue Blood writes:

Forrest Black and I hooked up with Nixon and Tankboy when we were guests at GothCon in New Orleans. We had come in from Los Angeles and they had recently arrived from Portland. I’d gotten a great deal on this absurdly big hotel suite, so of course Nixon and Tankboy had to have sex in multiple rooms. I love the photos, but they didn’t feel right as just a straight up Gothic Sluts set. Tankboy makes a lot of his cool clothes and I wanted to present this work so that it wasn’t just about the girl. The series just feels more like a BlueBlood magazine set. This is just one of the many reasons I am thrilled to be doing the BlueBlood supersite. Now great stuff like this has the perfect venue to be shared with the world. This is actually the second set Forrest and I shot with Nixon and Tankboy, but it’s my favorite, so you all get to see this one first.
–Amelia G

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