FTVGirls: Christine’s racy masturbation

FTVGirls has some hot models, full of self confidence and hot as hell, and the fuckable blonde Christine is just one of them. She’s been very active lately, she did a lot of photo shoots and videos, one more arousing than the other, and this one right here is my favorite, I love everything: her makeup, her outfit, the settings and her toy of choice. She takes a few sun kissed pictures with two sport cars, then the photo set continues with two arousing videos, one of her teasing her pussy while wearing a sexy tank to corset and one of her masturbating like a goddess with a big vibrator. Make sure you register on FTVGirls to see all of Christine‘s sexy work.

FTVGirls writes:

On the third day, she wakes up in the morning, and masturbates again. Same thing, in private, with the camera placed low on the bed. She uses a vibrator for quite a while until she has an orgasm. I also get some extreme closeups and gaping shots of her private parts. At 13:20 or so you can see her strong orgasmic contractions on clip 3 (indeed… a long video… but we want real orgasms). After she had her orgasm, I did some photos of her using her toy, and noticed her juicy buildup, so I started videotaping it, and caught some of it in clip 4.

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