Pepper Jones Corruption Wiggle

Political o0Pepper0o is talking about how she has been just mad 24/7 this weekend about American politics, even though she is Canadian. She has been mostly hanging out with friends who are down for drinking and complaining about government. But she was supposed to do a tickle fetish video and she started feeling like she might be too bummed out to laugh right, even though she is really ticklish. o0Pepper0o is dancing around all high energy and chatting a mile a minute and it is kind of funny to hear her describe being depressed in such a cheerful way. She explains that the dancing you see her doing is the “corruption wiggle.” I think Corruption Wiggle would be a great punk band name. o0Pepper0o did most of the piercings she has on herself, because she felt like the one piercer in her small town was not competent enough. Which is certainly punk rock. It is free to register your profile to smash the state with o0Pepper0o tonight.

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O0pepper0o’s Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name: Pepper
Followers: 92059
Birth Date: Nov. 29, 1901
Age: 99
Sex: Female
Interested In: Men, Women, Transsexuals, Couples
Location: Narnada, Canada
Language(s): English
Body Type:SexXxy
Smoke / Drink: All that stuff
Body Decorations: Crab tattoo, robot tattoo, 4 piercings.

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