Would you ever get anything done, if you had an orgasm button?

TheEmilyGrey says that her Emily Grey porn career was really not typical. She only performed with the guy who was her boyfriend at the time and they did creampies on film because he always came inside her without a barrier in their regular sex life. She never performed with girls or with other men. People in her chat room keep asking her questions about what it was like to do porn, so she just sort of had to point out that she is really only speaking for herself. TheEmilyGrey says that her orgasms on cam are real because she can do exactly what she likes and take her time about it, but this was less the case in a porn video. TheEmilyGrey says that the environments porn videos were shot in, at least the ones she did, were not terribly sexy and then the director would ask for her to cum on cue. She points out that it is not like she has an orgasm button where she can just press it and insta-cum. Which brings up the important question of would you ever get anything done, if you had an orgasm button?

Chaturbate Profile:

Real Name: Emily Grey
Followers: 228730
Birth Date: Oct. 9, 1994
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Interested In: Men
Location: United States
Language(s): English
Body Type: Slim
Smoke / Drink: Vape
Body Decorations: None

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