EroticFandom: Alley Shiver is a dangerously hot cyberpunk babe

Alley Shiver looks so good and dangerous in these pictures. She is wearing a leather jacket, a corset that makes her gorgeous boobs pop and a short skirt that fits her fucking perfect. Guns and high heel platforms make and excellent addition to this stunning photo set, and her hairstyle just makes her look like a hot babe with a bad-ass attitude. Alley Shiver is sexy undressing, keeping her jacket and her fishnet gloves on. Her ass is perfectly shaped and those tits almost make you forget she’s pointing a gun at you. Who needs guns when you have the stare Alley Shiver has? She could make you fall into submission with that look and that hot body, remember to check this dangerously hot photo set, you’ll love it for sure!

Erotic Fandom writes:

This was a fun little rebel fantasy series Amelia G and I had a blast shooting with sexy Alley Shiver. There were just all these guns and bombs laying around and it seemed like the thing to do. Now I want to read the gritty unwritten cyberpunk story that goes along with them. Anyway, hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

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