BadMax: Masuimi’s Hot Style

A thing that I really appreciate about this BadMax shoot is not only the way that Masuimi looks, but also the fact that there is nothing on the background to distract you from her sensuality.

Masuimi Max showcases very high-tech nude here as she is not only sporting a futuristic look with some retro notes, but she is also taking it a step further with her great hair and partially shaved head.

Her hair is extravagant and gorgeous, but it does not steal attention from the rest of her magnificent body, which is covered by a very stylish black dress with a belt that helps the attractiveness of her body stand out, getting you good and ready for when she takes off said dress and shows you the wonders of her nudity.

BadMax: Masuimi’s Hot Style
Masuimi Max writes:

48 photos: Morat
wardrobe: Pinup Girl Clothing
makeup: face Masuimi, head Jennifer Corona, using I Am Sin

Shot the other day.. I’m really having fun with my head, lol! Jennifer did a great job with the net!


BadMax: Masuimi’s Hot Style

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