BurningAngel: Jenevieve Hexxx Sees A Good Fuck In Her Future

Jenevieve Hexxx is playing the part of a witch who has the ability to know the past and the future, and who also has considerable powers of seduction thanks to her pair of huge crystal balls.

In this BurningAngel set she is using her tarot cards before she engages in a different kind of reading that leaves the props aside for a moment and instead focuses on increasing the energy levels by teasing and sucking on her companion’s cock with an enthusiasm that appears to want to get all the magic out of it while she strokes it so that the sensuality gets the perfect boost before her pussy comes into play.

This scene is so intense that it is very hard to turn away from the action, as there is a hypnotic and highly arousing quality to the moaning that you get to hear throughout this set, while you see Jenevieve Hexxx continuing to get fucked passionately before receiving her reward all over her big tits, and even after this happens, she still has enough energy left in her to enthusiastically wrap her lips around that cock as if she was getting ready for round two.

Burning Angel writes:

Bill Bailey saw his step-mom Jenevieve Hexxx ripping off yet another lonely lovesick customer with her psychic readings and magic spells that will take away not-real curses… or so he thought. When he accused her of the crime, he asked for a bigger penis, and.. well.. she magic’d him a bigger dick! Maybe it was a little too big – but mommy sure wanted a piece of his cock. He was conflicted, but really – he always wanted to fuck his big titted step-mom inside her wet MILF pussy until she came hard. Do you believe in magic in a young man’s cock? You should.

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