Slave Leia CaitieRage Playing with R2-D2

CaitieRage is looking fantastical in her sexy slave Leia outfit, doing shots and playing with her amazing R2-D2 droid. She’s also got a light saber in there somewhere. The R2 unit is autonomously rolling around and tweeting and I think it just serenaded CaitieRage with the Mos Eisley cantina ditty. Obviously, it’s May the 4th, so we’re celebrating all things Star Wars here and it’s cool to have CaitieRage to play along with. Oh wow, she just busted out her “C3P0” (Eroscillator) and lifted that tiny loincloth! Get in there now and join the Rebel Scum alliance.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

**AWA Best Squirt Award 2015/16 WINNER**
Room Topic: #7349(Goal-666) BB-8 Raffle-100tokens! HappyMay4th <3 Topless 87 Paddle - 33 * Flash - 50 * Shot - 66 *Tease - 77 * ALL VIDS for 333

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