BarelyEvil: Miaa’s birthday blues

Miaa made a very special photo set on her birthday, it is very artsy, full of beauty, feeling and provocativeness. This pretty lady is wearing an amazing blue boho-like dress, which matches perfectly her hair and makeup, and gives a wonderful chromatic to the set. Her facial expressions are beyond words, making the pictures profound and of course arousing. She takes off her clothes and the pictures get even more artistic. I loved everything about this BarelyEvil set, the blue, the subtle yet strong erotic vibe, the light and the setting.

Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

Today is Miaa’s birthday, so happy birthday, Miaa! Forrest Black and I photographed her looking pensively out the window. I love how this series turned out with the combinations of beautiful blues and a muted and thoughtful mood. And, of course, sexy as always too.

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