BarelyEvil: Alecia Joy gets detention for being a bad schoolgirl

Alecia Joy got together with Blue Blood‘s Forrest Black and Amelia G for a new photo series entitled “Detention”. This dear model portrays a very naughty school girl, hot and flexible, just how we picture the schoolgirl in our fantasy. She’s wearing her own alternative version of the schoolgirl attire and she’s posing at a school desk, smoking 420, because she’s a bad ass. To make the series even more interesting she is combining a set of dancing poses with her amazing contortion skills. And if smoking and tremendous flexibility aren’t sexy enough, she mind-blows the viewer with her naked body, keeping in mind to reveal interesting angles by putting her legs behind her back and all sorts of other contortionist magic.

alecia-joy-schoolgirl-desk-2312Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

Alecia Joy makes a very sexy and very very flexible schoolgirl in this series shot by yours truly and Forrest Black. I love the amazing dancer contortions and poses Alecia can do. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with her. We call this set detention because of the bad girl schooldesk and smoking.

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