RazorCandi: Keep Your I On Razor

If you’ve been a fan of Razor Candi, you know she is the queen of turning into a completely different persona on her photoshoots and videos. However, for The ‘I’ in RazorCandi she definitely outdid herself in that respect! Talk about showing your true colors in this combo of video and photoset, where a very redheaded Razor steps out in leggings and a white crop top. Now, we could say she looks “ordinary” but since this is Razor we’re talking about let’s trade it for “toned down”. However, the real Razor has to come out eventually!

Ripping off the crop top, losing the leggings and trading the heels for something more punk, Razor Candi sparks to life feeling suddenly artistic in a thong and gets busy doing some artwork. She starts showing us different areas of her life, at the computer doing some photo editing, going to the kitchen to grab a few suggestive snacks and finally taking a break from all of it to have some fun playing with her sex toys! Settling on a pierced black dildo, she rubs her slit with the toy and goes at it with her fingers, just like the Razor we know and love.

The video includes a tad more tongue and tit teasing and squeezing action than the photoset, so for your own good go to Razor Candi and check them both out.

Razor Candi writes:

This set was shot in mind for once again a themed contest “What Color is a Chameleon”. I knew this was the perfect opportunity to show some of my true colors! With a description like “Each of us has an image, a persona that we portray socially, professionally, publicly, and in front of the lens. But what is the real person? And where? What are those parts that make up the real YOU? Show me your real self.I am looking for originality, great photography, and sincerity. I am looking for you. This does not mean that I’m looking for shots of you with no make up. Who you are and what you look like are not the same thing. Show me who you are on the outside, then show me who you are on the inside. Reveal yourself to me.” I was all too excited to jump right on this one and I am happy I did because I ended up winning the contest -yay! Though we all have many sides to us just as I have both a soft side and an extreme side to both my style and personality I wanted to take this occasion to share with you my views on beauty, show off my art, reveal my music tastes, my diet choice, and expose what really gets me hot, furthermore my lifestyle in general which is why I decided to shoot here in my very own apartment for the set! Most people would assume that showing the real you would mean removing the make up and putting on a t-shirt and jeans but if I were to do that I would not be showing you the real me which is why I chose the opposite – a perky red head eager to tear her clothes off and reveal what passions truly drive her! I’ve always found it rather empowering knowing that I have a haircut, that by most standards would be deemed ugly, hiding underneath a pretty wig. So I hope you all enjoy the set and watching me bear all of myself to you – enjoy 😉

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