BarelyEvil: Striptease Ballet With Pandora Von Kit

Have you ever witnessed a fetish ballet striptease? No? Neither had we, but thanks to BarelyEvil we can finally cross that one off our bucket list! The incredibly gorgeous alt fairy Pandora Von Kit delights us with a revamped version of stripping and takes it to a totally different level. Clad in a black rubber outfit with a tutu included, she dances around in front of the lens in true ballerina fashion.

While her toned body twirls and slowly gets rid of her bra, we can’t help but be in awe at her stance, it’s surreal to watch Pandora go through almost the entire thing on pointe, while still keeping it sexy. Of course, every ballerina deserves a break and we get a delightful finish with her on all fours showing us her sweet pussy from behind, with the tutu still teasing us form her hips.

The shapes that Forrest Black and Amelia G captured while Pandora Von Kit did her thing are fabulous, and the set comes as a reminder that Pandora isn’t just a pretty girl with beautiful tits, but she is also incredibly talented so do yourself a favor and drop by BarelyEvil to check out this hot as hell black swan!

BarelyEvil: Striptease Ballet With Pandora Von Kit
Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

Make sure you check out Pandora Von Kit’s feet in this shoot lensed by yours truly and Forrest Black. Those are ballet shoes and she is en pointe.
–Amelia G

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