RazorCandi: Rubber temptation

RazorCandi is smoking hot, and damn well aware of it. What’s more sexy than a girl with self-confidence? A girl with self-confidence, who looks like her!

Every time I see a RazorCandi photo set I think “man, this must be the most exciting one she’s ever done”, then she proves me wrong. This set is a delightfully tempting treasure for those who love latex. Our dear model is enchanting our eyes with a two piece black and red latex costume, paired with amazing stockings and unique red high heels. The teal hair and perfectly executed makeup along with her flawless complexion and body shape make her look like an ideal porcelain doll, but she’s real, and we even get to enjoy her smoking look in a exciting video. And because she knows we are pervs and can’t get enough of her, she’s also playing with a big black dildo.

Razor Candi writes:

Who can resist a porcelain complexion wrapped in skin tight latex, a cherry red pout topped with colorful tufts of flowing teal hair!?

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