FTVGirls: Ivy’s juicy insides through a speculum

FTVGirls are amazing, and their models are gorgeous vixens. Ivy is a tall beauty with gorgeous black hair, she knows what she wants, and seems to also know what the viewers want. In her first time video ever she’s wearing a black two piece outfit that accentuates her silhouette and black high heels. The pictures are to cum for, all very seductive and inviting, with striking poses that will leave you lusting for this hot lady.

As for the video, you’ll literally see inside Ivy, and you’ll love it. She is using a speculum to penetrate her rosy pussy and show her juicy insides up close, everything happens very slowly. The speculum touches her labia and clitoris, then slowly stretches her pussy to reveal her insides. I definitely recommend getting a membership to enjoy all of the awesome video and pictures.

FTVGirls writes:

Hi, My name is Ivy, and I’m 21, 6 foot 2 inches. I’m taller than most men and most definitely taller than you. The stupid videographer wanted my body tattoos covered for the video but I wasnt going to take my piercings out. Take it or leave it. I have a great figure, and nice feet. I may be pierced but I take care of my body. AND its not for you. This dress isnt mine but my sisters, but looks good on me too. How are my nipples looking to you? You care for pierced nipples? I had the name of my girlfriend tatooed on my left breast, but its covered with makeup. Yes I only like girls, I have no interest in men.

If you care to know how I masturbate, I take my time, and usually start with my breasts and nipples. I got my nipple pierced when I was 16, and my lip pierced when I was 17. That tatoos came later, and I plan to get more. My fingers move to my clitoris, then I finger myself. Two or three fingers get me off. I do like it doggy style too, no I mean strap-on toys with girls not wimp dipshit boys.

Having a wimp nerd videotaping me makes it more difficult to cum, so I closed my eyes and thought of one of my hot sexual experiences with my girlfriend. And after a while it worked and I orgasmed.

The geek wanted closeups, so I gave it to him. My pussy is pretty, and clean, I like getting oral and giving it. This pussy has not been touched by a man for 4 years. You get closeups of it all, my clitoris, my labia, and deeper inside when I stretched open.

I was curious about my body too so I let him tape me doing this speculum. My cervix was like on the side but I pushed it forward into view. I can do that! Too bad your penis doesnt stand a chance in here. Dream on….

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