BarelyEvil: Penny Poison the occult librarian

I’m always looking forward to Penny Poison‘s new photo shoots, she always has interesting props, nice settings, and a very dark and exciting story to tell. This BarelyEvil photo set is set in her dining room and she has a collection of occult books. The outfit she’s wearing makes the session very lustful, as she portrays a sublime dark librarian. After seeing this photo set you will surely wish to study the BarelyEvil dark arts with her! I know I am feeling very dark artsy now.

Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

Just in time for back to school, the occult librarian is ready to teach you a lesson! Penny Poison has a religious background and she has been collecting occult books for many years. The really big leather bound tome you will see in this series has her own handwritten incantations. And, yes, we shot this series in her real life dining room. Awesome!

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