GodsGirls: Talia’s sacrilege

Talia‘s new photo set on GodsGirls is surely something I would put under the category of “dark art”or in a Cradle of Filth video, either way, I was stunned to see such beauty, so much darkness and creativity in one set. From makeup to setting this is beyond evil, and I love it!

The beautiful model is in a dark room, full of deer antlers and a the statue of a saint, with nothing but a candle, a choker and a black dildo. She sucks on the dildo, as if willing to devour it, then she puts it inside her, pleasuring herself, and the viewer. Talia is dangerous, evil, and freaking hot as hell.

GodsGirls writes:

Hey hi! I’m Talia! I’m a smutty princess currently living in Philadelphia. My days are full of coffee, laughs, nudity and weed. I’m quirky as fuck and weird to boot. Let’s be friends! xo

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