GodsGirls: Kelly is going through her blue period

Kelly is looking a little blue these days. Lucky for us, this doesn’t result in blue balls; quite the opposite. No, my balls are ready to give this Gods Girls a little something I think would put a smile on her face.

This artistic set by Kelly shows her modeling with a simple blue sarong wrapped (and unwrapped) around her curvy body. She play with wearing the fabric in different styles, turns around to show us all her angles, and alternates from looking melancholy and seductive.

Kelly appears to be wearing deep blue or violet contacts, which gives her eyes a bit of an other worldly appearance to them and her eye makeup accentuates this even further. Her hair is a shocking blue, which is in stark contrast to her milky white skin.

I’m not sure what to make of her posing during this set; it is very theatrical. The description on Gods Girls lists and even links to a Neutral Milk Hotel song on YouTube that I assume must be the inspiration to this photoset. I imagine Kelly is listening along to this song while she is posing for the photographer. Her poses almost seem to be telling a story, but I feel like I just snuck into the second half of an off-Broadway play for the deaf. There is movement, dramatic poses, emotions, and a hint of tragedy, but without the first half of the plot, I am lost.

But like tuning in half way to a late night Cinemax movie in a sleazy hotel, I have no problems knocking one out with the volume turned down so the people beyond the paper thin walls of the next room cannot hear me. But we all know they know what I’m doing. In the morning, just give me my continental breakfast in the lobby and don’t make eye contact.

GodsGirls writes:

“can’t believe how strange it is to be anything at all”
– Neutral Milk Hotel

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