GodsGirls: Enchantingly Possessed Dark Elf Kelly

Do you know what rule 34 is? Well, apparently Kelly does! In this cosplay pictorial for Gods Girls, Kelly dresses up as the possessed Princess Zelda from the denouement of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (sorry: spoiler warning). Gods Girls doesn’t say this, but what the fuck, I can read between the lines.

And really, have you seen Princess Zelda? She is super hot! If I was Gannon, and I possessed her body, damn straight the first thing I would do would be rip off all her clothes and see why Link is always trying to rescue her. But to be honest, this possessed pawn is pretty sexy too. Those glowing yellow eyes, pointy ears, long braids, silvery crown, and dark tattoos encroaching on her face make for one alluring princess. And everyone knows that possessed girls are into super kinky sex, so even if she is possessed by a Demon King, I think I’d still try to hit that. You don’t like it? Excuse me, Princess!

GodsGirls writes:

My Rendition Of Ganon’s Puppet Zelda


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