BarelyEvil: Voltaire and Scar13 Duck Around in the Tub

There’s always fun in the tub when you have a rubber ducky! Voltaire and Scar13 have some scrub-a-dub-duck fun in this set for BarelyEvil very adequately entitled Big Bath. And if it weren’t enough to have these two lovely ladies fondling each other in a huge bathtub full of bubbles, well, they also get a little frisky with the collection of rubber duckies which have an –ahem– alternate use, so to speak.

At first Voltaire and Scar13 are just testing the waters, getting comfortable with each other, soaking themselves and relaxing. But of course, after some underwater cuddling things start to get a bit steamier. Both Voltaire and Scar13 sit on the edge of the tub to give us a show, spreading their legs to show us each their amazing pussy. Then the bubbles start bubbling and while they lather each other’s tits and blow some bubbles around the splashing begins and the ladies discover the rubber ducks, taking them to places where we can only wish to go, such as between Scar13’s legs and sucking on Voltaire’s tits.

I guess you could say this set is some pretty amazing and clean fun!

Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

Amelia G and I found these fun photos just the other day and thought they would be great to share. It’s a little bit #TBT, from the time she and I went out to a bondage convention in Las Vegas and brought Voltaire and Scar13 along for the adventure. We had a huge Jacuzzi in our hotel room and it just wouldn’t have been right not to have a bit of a bubble bath party, complete with BarelyEvil’s rubber ducky collection of course. The ducks came from our friends at Retail Slut, back in the day. Anyway, lots of fun was had, even if some of us overslept the start of the kinky convention the next day.
Forrest Black~

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