RazorCandi: Blood red Gothic Valentine

The dark beauty, RazorCandi, shot a few Valentine’s day pictures, and they’re like nothing you’ll ever see; they’re dark, they’re sexy and mind-blowing. She took it to a whole new level and added her goth and macabre signature to it, and it’s amazing! She is wearing a dark red wig, dark red and black makeup, a neck corset that is breath-taking, and black and red lingerie. Her panties are tied in the back with a red ribbon that just compliments her perfect ass. She also her heart-shaped nipple tassels. Candy and a bloody red dildo could not miss from this lustful photo set, she knows we like it perverted and dark. She takes of her panties very slowly, then starts sucking on the dildo, just before fucking herself with it. All of the pictures are fucking arousing, all the angles of that sublime body beautifully captured, and of course a few close-ups of those amazing flawless RazorCandi features. I had a hard time choosing the pictures for the article, so make sure you don’t miss the full photo-set.

Also enjoy this sexy free razorcandi preview gallery celebrating RazorCandi‘s Valentine’s treats.



Razor Candi writes:

Though somewhat similar to my Scerry Christmas set as far as location and color scheme goes I still feel Heidi radiates with sensuality and lust. Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating romance and desire and what better way to celebrate than to capture it in photos! Although Valentine’s Day is not usually my favorite holiday considering I’m usually into more macabre and darker subjects, it’s always a good excuse to bring out sweets and enjoy the sexiest parts of my photo sessions. Of course I just had to involve some black hearts in the theme to keep things a little sinister, but those black heart shaped nipple tassels were just too cute to resist 😉 Hope you all have a disturbingly stimulating Valentine’s Day!





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