BlueBlood: Classic Red Hot Szandora

Szandora brings sexy back in Vegas, baby! She is rocking a red gown, that compliments her flawless body and that amazing hairstyle of hers. The photo-shooting takes place on a purple couch, and our beauty is posing awfully good, from classy and artistic, to wickedly arousing, this photos are meant to capture your attention and make you lust for more. After a few close-ups of her lovely face, she lays on the couch, taking a few erotic and sensual shots, before undressing. She is taking her dress of slowly with a seductive attitude and makes sure we get to see every teasing step. Then, she lays naked on the couch, stretching her mile long legs, and showing off her great tits. After she turns around for a few back shots we also get to enjoy her ass and milk white pussy.

Blue Blood writes:

This was one of our Las Vegas stay up too late shooting sexy fun pictures shoots with Szandora. I can’t remember is we went out on the town after, but we usually did. This was one of my favorite hairstyles she had too. I think it turned out really cool. Anyway, hope you enjoy these.

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