BarelyEvil: Erica the pale temptress

The BarelyEvil photo sets are evermore interesting and original, they can make everything provoking, and I think it goes without saying, BarelyEvil‘s models are beautiful and innovative. Erica is only one of the gorgeous models, she has a pale skin, and pale blonde hair, she wears all white and not a single trace of dark makeup or jewels, yet she has a dark vibe, like she’s some kind of porcelain doll made to make you lustful with her dominant look and her flawless pale skin. She also has a dildo, which she enjoys playing with in her pod, sucking on it and putting it inside her tight asshole and white twat.

erica_pod_6029Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

I’d like you to meet devilish blonde Erica, with her pale skin and mischievous eyebrows. Photographer Yuri Vershinin shot this set, but, speaking only for myself and Forrest Black, whenever we see furniture, like this awesome pod Yuri had Erica roll around in, our first thought is always that it would look good with a naked person on it.





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