RazorCandi: Sweet And Sexy Bubblegum Babe

It’s always refreshing to see the lighter themed sets from Razor Candi because we get to see another side to the goth goddess. In Bubblegum –which has both a video clip and a photoset–, we get a very laid back Razor Candi, wearing a bright green crop top, some pink short shorts and striped socks on a bed. Playful and fun, she chews bubblegum and acts sweet in front of the camera, but we know it’s not going to be just that.

As the clip and set progress Razor Candi strips from her tiny ensemble, she teases un while blowing bubbles and playing with her braided purple hair. Depending on which one you’re looking at –I highly recommend you check out both– you will get a taste of a playful striptease before the real fun begins. It’s not long before she gets a glass dildo and has some sweet, sweet fun of her own letting us witness just how good it feels inside her perfect pussy.

If you’ve never seen a lavender haired girl play with her pussy with a glass dildo while blowing bubblegum let me tell you, you have not lived. Head over to Razor Candi to take a first hand look at the clip and photoset to know exactly how sexy Razor Candi can look while pulling her shorts up so you can check out her world acclaimed ass.

RazorCandi: Sweet And Sexy Bubblegum

RazorCandi: Sweet And Sexy Bubblegum

Razor Candi writes:

I wanted try something a little new, though lately I’ve been wearing just a bit more color I thought I’d go all out and get really colorful for this one!! I thought it was time for a playful sweet set and what better addition to include for a sweet but bubblegum!! Hope you all enjoy seeing my bright colorful sweet side and to make it even sweeter pop on over to my video section to see the video!

RazorCandi: Sweet And Sexy Bubblegum

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