BlueBlood: Sending Up the Bat Signal with Miss Monster

I’m so glad that Miss Monster didn’t use the red phone Commissioner Gordon would call 1960s Batman as her inspiration for her BlueBlood Barely Evil photoshoot she did with Forrest Black. I’d much rather see her with two Bat Signal pasties, than a red phone any day, covering her monster tits like the giant searchlights that they are. Though, I would have liked to see her strip down to reveal the Batman pasties, that’s the kind of “Fuck You!” attitude I love about Miss Monster. With her hardcore tattoos covering her curvy body, to her bleached “don’t call it a fuckin’ mohawk” fin hairstyle with shaved sides, she doesn’t care what you think of her, which is why I think so much of her. Especially when the only other things she is wearing are a scarf, cheetah animal-print skirt, and combat boots with thigh-high leather stockings. Catwoman would be proud of that last one, especially since that’s the only thing Miss Monster is wearing in the end. Careful Miss Monster, your Batcave is showing… not that she cares.

Blue Blood writes:

I really enjoyed shooting these with Miss Monster, we all had a very good time and it was occasionally hard to remember that we were supposed to be doing a photo series and not just goof around. We love Miss Monster.

~Forrest Black

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