BarelyEvil: Penny Poison Knows What Your Future Holds

If you want to get up close and personal with Penny Poison, this is your chance! In this BarelyEvil set, Penny will lure you into her own private lair, close to her beautiful altar. But of course, that’s not all, this redheaded bombshell always has a trick up her sleeve and is pretty glad to show us how much of a goddess she really is.

Stripping from her form-fitting ensemble, she will give you a private –and enticing– tarot reading. What does your future hold, you ask? Well, for starters a naked Penny but beyond that we get to see her voluptuous tits being lightly grazed by a ritual dagger and her seductively bringing it close to her split tongue. Of course the ritual wouldn’t be complete without candles, so after lighting one up, Penny is ready to give us another private goody: spreading her ass while bending over the altar so we can take a good look.

There are also some very sexy shots of her sitting before it, with her legs wide open and her pussy on display. Overall, a very esoteric twist which makes this BarelyEvil set all the more sexy.

BarelyEvil: Penny Poison Knows What Your Future Holds
Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

This shoot is not only beautiful but very intimate, as it features beautiful Penny Poison’s real life altar and tarot cards. Cue up your goddess worship puns for this one. Forrest Black and I always really enjoy it when we can shoot a model in her home because there is just something very genuine and personal about it which dovetails very well with what we try to express visually as artists. And Penny Poison’s home is delightfully well-appointed with spooky decor.

–Amelia G

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