GothicSluts: Asphyxia Noir Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Among the many things I love about Halloween, I always look forward to the GothicSluts annual naked goth girl pumpkin carving. They always have a super hot goth girl carving a pumpkin naked. Hot naked goth girls and jack o’lanterns are two great tastes that go great together. Asphyxia Noir is hot. I love her dark cleo hair and the way she has just the tiniest bit of ink, but her tattoos are in bold places. I find the subtle way she is inked very elegant. I think the very sexy Asphyxia Noir is at least the second pumpkin carving virgin from this ongoing photographic series. How is it possible that GothicSluts can have photo shoots with the gothiest gothic goths and yet find jack o’lantern virgins? I like saying jack o’lantern virgins, because it sounds like a really specialized sexual fetish. Come to think of it, maybe it is a really specialized sexual fetish 😉 Anyway, the pictures are beautiful, so you might want to give yourself a Halloween gift of a GothicSluts VIP account.

Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

Amelia G and I had a fun and messy time shooting Goth pin-up babe Asphyxia Noir carving up her very first jack-o-lantern. I can’t believe she’s never done it before. Asphyxia did a really good job. Anyway, Happy Halloween season from all of us to all of you. Here is wishing you all the yummy treats.

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