Kati3Kat Squirt Surprise and Kitty Licks

Kati3Kat just described how she just has one squirting video. She says she squirted a lot and it was kind of an exciting surprise. She didn’t expect it because she’d never done it before and then she squirted a lot, but she’s never done it since. I think there might be a second time some time, but we can all agree that it is a fine thing that Kati3Kat immortalized her squirting experience on video.

Kati3Kat is meowing like a cat and making the cutest kittenish movements with her paws/hands. The best part is when she gets on all fours and licks alcoholic beverages out of a low bowl, with her amazing pale goth girl ass high in the air and her tongue in the drink. I learned something today: Apparently cats lick in the opposite direction from people when they drink water and this makes it easier for them to look up at you, when they drink. Anyway, if you sign up for a free account and visit Kati3Kat now, you can get the details on that squirting video. And, apparently, also fun cat facts.

Kati3Kat Squirt Surprise and Kitty Licks
Sexy Cam Girl writes:

Username: Kati3Kat
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Eyes: Green
Weight: 1000 pounds
Height: 63 inches
Age: 21
City: Fantasy Land
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Favorite Food: Pizza, sushi, burritos
Tags: blue hair, petite, mermaid, long hair, skinny, talkative

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