GodsGirls: Deckard Gets Wet

GodsGirls brings the goods with this shoot by Deckard. She gets wet and wet fast. There is something about a woman in a white t-shirt (or, in this case, a light, thin and body clinging full length dress). What draws me to Deckard isn’t so much the wet clothing, although that is a great feature, but rather the faces she makes while posing. There are two side of her here. One is in mid-ecstasy as shown in the first picture and the other is a what really caught my eye. It is the vulnerability side of the wetness, the side the comes out either after crying or a really big emotional release. The picture is the best in the set in my opinion and the set is pretty darn strong too.

Oh and in case you are wondering, she does get fully nude. In fact, not only can you see her breasts in full view, but you can also see the water drip down her very colourful tattoo on her side and her other tattoo that lines up with a tightly trimmed side down-under.

GodsGirls: Deckard Gets Wet
GodsGirls writes:

Name: Deckard
Age: 23
Occupation: Masters student
Location: Sydney, Australia
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Sign: Virgo
About Me:
I like floral things, A Clockwork Orange, beards and people who will talk about Harry Potter for ages with me. I drink a lot of wine and read a lot of comic books. I’m really big on pretty-fying my apartment and my teacup and teapot collection is my most prized possession.

GodsGirls: Deckard Gets Wet

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