GodsGirls: Ivadell Bangs In The Fourth – Flashback

GodsGirls presents us a treat with the vegan warrior, Ivadell. Okay, so I am guessing she is a vegan warrior, her tattoos of “meat is murder” and “diary is rape” are a bit hint for me. I admire that in her and it brings something special to this shoot. If you are going to get inked, make sure it means something to you. She isn’t just another pretty vegan though, she also is a patriotic sort. It seems that she has lost a bit of her clothing and, like any good Yankee Doodle Gal, she decided to make a bit of improv top and bottom with various sized American Flags. The red, white and blue has never looked better. I am sure we will all stand at attention for this Yankee Rose. There were a lot of great shots to choose from and I really wish I could show them all. One in particular I love is her semi-getting covered by the small flags. It reminds me of something I’d see growing up during a 4th of July picnic that may have started a few beer kegs too soon. You gotta love the US. Where else can you find kick butt girls like Ivadell?

GodsGirls: Ivadell Bangs In The Fourth
GodsGirls writes:

Description : Happy Independence Day, America!

GodsGirls: Ivadell Bangs In The Fourth

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