GothicSluts: Dana Dark Shows Off In Silver Sequins

If you’re familiar with the gorgeous Dana Dark from GothicSluts, here is an amazing treat for you from the vaults of Amelia G and Forrest Black. This throwback shoot features Dana in what seems to be getting ready for a very VIP dominatrix session. Starting off nude and slowly getting geared up in latex, boots and a sequined corset that flaunts her gorgeous tits, miss Dark is truly what our most submissive fantasies can come up with.

Her “no bullshit” attitude is intimidating in the best way possible, always keeping you in check no matter how turned on you are. With her milky white skin and purplish black hair, Dana looks into the camera inviting you to come closer, but still keep your distance. I found this shoot to be quite unique considering that we’re used to seeing girls take off their clothes, not put them on. But this just proves once more that Dana Dark can make even the most normal scenes look like a million sexy bucks.

There is a very specific frame where she is about to put on her stockings and looks like a gorgeous gothic pinup, with her perfectly shaved pussy peeking at us from under her stretched arm. This update is clearly one you don’t want to miss, even more so if you like girls with fabulous bodies, raven hair and eyes that kill.

GothicSluts: Dana Dark Shows Off In Silver Sequins
Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

Here is a flashback shoot Forrest Black and I did with Dana Dark. The shoot was for a big magazine fashion editorial, so we had to wait for the print publication to come out, before making the extended remix available to our beloved VIP site members. You always get to see the whole series, not just the images which ran in magazines. Anyway, by the time the magazine came out, we’d had some storage media issues. Happily, we’ve been able to recover many of the images more recently, plus we’ve improved our ability to scan images shot on film. So expect to see a few more peeks of lovely Dana Dark and more.
–Amelia G

GothicSluts: Dana Dark Shows Off In Silver Sequins

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