BurningAngel: Joanna Angel Quits Dentistry But Gets A Hot Goodbye

This video update by BurningAngel’s leader Joanna Angel is a blast! You can totally see the personality of all three involved in the shoot: Joanna Angel, Veruca James and Erik Everhard manage to bring us one of the hottest threesome scenes in BurningAngel history. Their interaction is really fun and steamy, so this is a must watch.

Working as a dental assistant at Dr. Everhard’s office, Joanna Angel decides to quit so she can tour with her band. But since she’s been such a good employee, both Erik and Veruca James decide to send her off and get her off the best way they know how.

This scene makes use of a great setting which plays amazingly well with the different positions that three people may come up with when fucking in an office. You also get the edgy personality and great tits of Joanna Angel, some of Veruca’s pretty shaved pussy and Erik’s awesome oral skills. To be honest, I had a hard time –pun intended– deciding what my favorite part about this shoot was, but I have to say it was all the delicious ass angles we get. If you’re into FFM three-ways, this one is definitely for you!

BurningAngel: Joanna Angel Quits But Gets A Hot Goodbye
Burning Angel writes:

I didn’t feel badly at all about quitting this crapshoot dental office to follow my dreams playing music and touring with my band. Receptionist Veruca James and Dr. Soodbinski (maybe), thought it was a big joke and they laughed at me,so as an apology, they wanted to deposit a nice big piece of the dentist’s ‘huge severance package’ into my ass and pussy! It had full benefits and 401k and everything.

BurningAngel: Joanna Angel Quits But Gets A Hot Goodbye

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