GodsGirls: Lola Does Red And Blue

As I try to drive the Jimmy Buffett song about Frankie and Lola out of my head, I am left with the aftertouch of Lola’s shoot for GodsGirls. Lola, who looks a bit ginger, pulls off a great girl next door vibe in her first shoot for GodsGirls. I am usually all about ink, but I have to say that Lola really is something special here. She slowly undresses and does so with a shy vulnerability that is rare in this millennium. In Lola, I see a woman who is genuine and entering into something of a two way conversation with her viewer. Her vulnerability shown in these pictures creates a deeper connection with her audience, an intimate one, and it is this connection (perceived or real) that pushes the shoot. I’m not sure if this would work with many models, but it works wonderfully with Lola.

Then again, maybe I am biased because us gingers need to stick together. Before any cries of bias, take a look at the photo of her nude. I’ve seen that pose only one other time before. Clarification: I have seen that pose done that well, that naturally, only one other time before. It was a private shoot and let’s just say Lola is in some fantastic company if she can remind me of that particular shoot. Her body is a great mix of alt and classic. She really is the modern girl next door. With that said, what really pops this photo is still that sensitivity produced from her eyes and face.

With Lola, I feel peaceful reviewing the shoot. Such a good energy. I really do hope this first gallery is just one of many more to come.

GodsGirls: Lola Does Red And Blue
GodsGirls writes:

Name: Lola
Age: 20
Occupation: mua
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Hometown: Seattle
Sign: Libra
About Me:
So far what I’ve figured out about myself: I’ve got red hair (even though everyone seems to not notice) and I’m obsessed with eating, and petting all the animals. twitter~ lolaa_vi

GodsGirls: Lola Does Red And Blue

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