EroticFandom: True Gamer Girl Scarlet Starr

Super crush-worthy gamer babe Scarlet Starr treats us to an orgy of dorky delights in this perfect Erotic Fandom series. Scarlet looks devastatingly hot while she surrounds herself with a truly impressive array of nerd candy. She’s got classic table-top games stacked to the ceiling, every sort of dice, Warhammer figurines, fantasy roleplay weaponry, collector’s edition Godzilla toys, and so much more. It’s the ultimate toy store fantasy and wow, Scarlet is sexy as hell too. I love her candy red pigtails and those cute little Star Wars shorts and playful striped sock really do it for me! I LOVE this update from BlueBlood’s Erotic Fandom. Did I mention the part where Godzilla gets to play with her fantastic breasts? It’s cute and really hot at the same time.

EroticFandom True Gamer Girl Scarlet Starr
Erotic Fandom writes:

Scarlet Starr is at a Star Trek convention this weekend, but, alas, Forrest Black and I are not , so we thought we’d post this fandom-themed shoot we did with her. Go go go, Godzilla!
–Amelia G

EroticFandom True Gamer Girl Scarlet Starr

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