CrazyBabe: Brittany Andrews And Boom Boom In A Bloody Affair

CrazyBabe has got a way of making every set have a twist that you were definitely not expecting. In this case it’s the beautiful Brittany Andrews and her beloved companion the Infamous Boom Boom.

You may remember Brittany from her China Town escapade, however this time Boom Boom is dragging her limp –but still delicious– body across the L.A. River. After dumping a lingerie donning Brittany in a dumpster, Boom Boom thinks the perfect crime has been accomplished. But he couldn’t be any more wrong, since Brittany is back for her own vengeance and the one left a bloody mess is Boom Boom.

Miss Andrew’s tantalizing curves look enticing even when she’s covered in blood, with a setting that is guerrilla photography at it’s finest. This set is edgy, funny and hot all at the same time; which isn’t something I ever expected to say about a body being thrown in a dumpster, but some facts of life are undeniable and Brittany Andrews’ tits are one of those things. Not to mention vampire Brittany is hot as hell.

Here is a bonus sample set from the series to see more of this CrazyBabe crazyness for yourself.

Sex Gore Rock and Roll Nude Girls Vampire Tits Ass Awesome
CrazyBabe writes:

Shot in the L.A. River with 189 pics of Brittany & Boom Boom in this feature.

CrazyBabe: Brittany Andrews And Boom Boom In A Bloody Affair

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