BurningAngel: Checkmate Never Looked so Nice with Phoenix Askani

If you like your girls to look the good while playing the part of the nerdy slut, then Phoenix Askani is perfect for you. Phoenix looks great in High School Chess Club, showing off her perky little tits and tight ass all while wearing taped up glasses and some Putin shorts (named after the always stylish Vladimir Putin). Phoenix may be there to play chess but once she starts stripping down I don’t think there is a single person left in that room that isn’t calling next and hoping to have her take their “king”, or at least give them a chance at her “rooks”.

BurningAngel: Checkmate Never Looked so Nice
Burning Angel writes:

Phoenix Askani isn’t the president of the chess club, but she can be the hot and nerdy president of my pants if she wants! Nobody wears taped up geek glasses and suspenders with high-waisted shorts like she does. I want to stare at her deliciously dorky ass and titties all day. Checkmate on my heart!

BurningAngel: Checkmate Never Looked so Nice

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