GothicSluts: Annika Amour Valentines Day

Blue Blood’s GothicSluts posted a really pretty set of Annika Amour to celebrate Valentines Day. The colors of the photography are really artistic and Annika Amour’s amazingly long legs and great makeup both look great. She has blond hair now, but somehow still looks really very goth girl, even with pink lipstick and a wall of hearts and all sorts of mixed up cutesy Valentines Day accessories. I really like her pink cameo necklace, but I don’t think it is the only really Annika Amour looks pretty gothic in pink. I think that comes from her goth girl soul. Happy Valentines Day!

Blue Blood was also kind enough to throw a special bonus sample gallery from the set into our Valentines Day box of gourmet chocolates, so we’ll share that with you too.

GothicSluts Annika Amour Valentines Day

Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

I love themed holidays, so we’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day early here! Forrest Black and I lensed this series of Annika Amour, surrounded by hanging trails of hearts, with heart body jewelry, and much red and pink. Happy VDay!
–Amelia G

GothicSluts Annika Amour Valentines Day

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