2013 APN Awards Nominations Open for Submission

Since we shouldn’t just sit back and make fun of other porn awards, AltPorn.net (APN) is happy to announce that we’re now taking nominations for our Best of 2013 APN Awards! Traditionally, we’ve done these awards later in the year, but we’ve decided to conform with the regular award season, just like everybody else. It’s hard to believe that AltPorn.net has been covering all things AltPorn for ten years now and we always enjoy the time of year when we can expand on the recognition and appreciation that all of our creative alternative erotica friends and crushes deserve. As we do every year, we’re taking nominations for all the categories from the fans, models, and producers, so if you know of any work produced in 2013 that really deserves attention for being outstanding, just hit up our contact form and select ‘2013 APN Award Nomination‘ list the category for categories and your suggested nomination(s). Our panel of judges will gather the qualified suggestions in each category, so please don’t just put a name in and press send. Let us know why you suggested them and what category they really deserve consideration in. Deadline for nominations is (soon) midnight Sunday, December 22nd. Remember, the nominations have to be for work that was released in 2013.

We’re adding a new category this year as well. Best Technical Innovation goes to the site that has added the more innovative/influential technical feature or technology in the field.

Please take a moment to use our contact form and turn in your nominations in each of the categories that you feel you have good suggestions for:

We are taking nominations for the Best of 2013 in the following categories:
– Best AltPorn Membership Site (2013) – Multigirl/Community
– Best AltPorn Membership Site (2013) – Solo Girl
– Best New AltPorn Membership Site (2013) – Multigirl/Community
– Best New AltPorn Membership Site (2013) – Solo Girl
– Best Technical Innovation (2013) Site/feature
– Best AltPorn Site Redesign (2013)
– Best AltPorn Webcam site (2013)
– Best Cam Girl (2013)
– Best Alternative Model (2013)
– Best New Alternative Model (2013)
– Best Free AltPorn Site (that isn’t AltPorn.net)
– Best Feature AltPorn Video (2013 Web or DVD)
– Best Gonzo AltPorn Video (2013 Web or DVD)
– Best AltPorn Affiliate Program (2013)
– Best AltPorn Novelty/Toy (2013)
– Best AltPorn Photographer (2013 – Shot for Altporn sites)
– Best Punk Shoot (2013 photo and/or video)
– Best Gothic Shoot (2013 photo and/or video)
– Best Nerd Shoot (2013 photo and/or video) (Examples: dorky girls, gamers, cosplay)
– Best Raver Shoot (2013 photo and/or video) (Examples: ravers, partygirls, burning man, nightclub dancers)

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