BarelyEvil: Back to School with Sexy Scarlet Starr

Scarlet Starr makes another hot appearance on BlueBlood‘s BarelyEvil site this week, just in time for back to school fever. Scarlet is painting her nails a deep shade of cherry red to match her bright red hair and dangerously short little school girl skirt. I like the playful menace vibe they got with cute Scarlet Starr giving that mischievous smile while she waves a big hammer around, plus some of the upskirts shots are the best I’ve seen in a while! You can watch her sweet hairless pussy actually get wetter as the set goes on until she is nearly creaming the seat under her. It’s very hot, to say the least. Scarlet Starr is just amazingly sexy and this is a fun creative set that borders between animé cosplay and dirty schoolgirl fantasy.

BarelyEvil Back to School with Sexy Scarlet Starr
Blue Blood writes:

Yeah, I know we just had a Scarlet Starr update, but it’s an anime schoolgirl nail-painting and scary cat kinda time of year. Forrest Black and I always enjoy creating pretty pictures with Scarlet Starr.
–Amelia G

BarelyEvil Back to School with Sexy Scarlet Starr

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