SexAndSubmission: Tori Lux Used And Abused By Dirty Cops

Tori Lux gets turned around in a seedy area of town. The hot brunette doesn’t know what to do. This fantasy role play scene depicts a young woman walking around late at night wearing a skimpy outfit could easily be mistaken as a hooker. Tori gets picked up by two hunky police officers on suspicion of selling her goodies. They take Tori Lux to an interrogation room at their precinct. Poor Tori tries to plead her case but the officers aren’t hearing it.

Instead the officers tie her up and have their way way with her. Gagging her ripping her clothes off. Tori Lux gets all her holes filled. She took those big cops like it was nothing. These cops plan to teach Tori a good lesson. This scene, in my personal opinion, could have been better. The acting left a lot to be desired. I did not really see any dominance or submission just compliance. Tying someone up does not make a scene. I do not feel the cops were being forceful. I do not feel Tori was being submissive. I love the concept but it could have been done way better. Do not get me wrong it was hot but if you come looking for that certain thing like submission or domination, you maybe disappointed in this one. It’s a shame, because Tori Lux is generally really hot.

Take a peek at the video preview for yourself, and sample photo gallery from this scene.

Sex And Submission: Tori Lux Used And Abused By Dirty Cops
Sex and Submission writes:

Tori Lux mistakenly ends up in a bad part of town and gets accused for prostitution by two cops. They bring her to a

Sex And Submission: Tori Lux Used And Abused By Dirty Cops

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